87 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement Event feedback was positive, including comments like: “I learned a lot from the sessions this semester. I’m glad we have them. They help navigate life outside the course bubbles we live in.” The Libraries also made key connections with the Graduate Student Organization and were encouraged to apply to be a service provider who would submit an annual funding proposal to receive funds that would be used for developing programming in support of graduate students. Case Study 11 Ice Cream Social: Orientation event whereby 2000 frozen treats were handed out to students on the library terrace. Students were asked to visit two “themed booktruck stations” to learn more about the library in order to redeem their treat. Dean of libraries, $3000 Orientation committee made up of librarians and professional staff Online, paper flyers, orientation schedules, tabling at events Staff members from across the library system were recruited Scanning of ID cards, follow up email survey to see if students remembered the event, what they thought of the event, and if they used library services Report attached Case Study 12 Information Fair for first-year students. The event was held in the library with other campus partners’ participation. The goal was for students to meet their personal librarian (PL). Each student who came by the table to meet their PL received a messenger bag and an opportunity to put their name in a drawing to win a foldable bike. Associate provost/university librarian, personal librarian, program coordinators, $8,600 dollars PL coordinators: 2 team lead of planning, budgets, and assessment library administration staff: library assistants and department assistants personal librarians: staffed the table during the event. Letters were sent to all first-year students from their PLs and all promoted through the First-Year Experience and Family Programs Office. Cain Park Bicycles. The owner donated a foldable bike worth $400. The event was included in the PL year-end survey. Verbal feedback during and after the event response to the questions in the survey. Survey data is not shareable. Case Study 13 International Snack Giveaway. Student Engagement Activity Goals: Create a welcoming and inclusive environment for international students by providing snacks from a variety of cultures. Create an environment of exploration for students unfamiliar with snacks from other cultures. Provide library materials and information to participants. Consisted of two days of tabling in the main library, and also supplies were provided to the eight other distributed libraries on the Danforth campus. The event served students, but it was available and welcoming to campus faculty and staff, as well. The event was part of an ongoing collection of events that fall under the activities of the Student Engagement Committee. The event is every fall and spring semester and each semester the budget is approximately $250.
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