132 Representative Documents: Event Planning UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARA LIBRARY Communications & Event Request Form Updated 04/05/2017 COMMUNICATIONS & EVENT REQUEST FORM All events, co-sponsorships, and communications involving UCSB Library’s space or name are approved, coordinated, and assessed by the Library’s Outreach & Academic Collaboration Department for quality and consistency. To request services from Outreach, complete this form and submit it to outreach@library.ucsb.edu. A member of the Outreach team will initiate a meeting to review and refine the project, collect additional information, and agree on a timeline and responsibilities. Please submit the form a minimum of 90 days prior to the requested completion or event date to provide sufficient time for planning and production. REQUESTER Name: Date: Department: Email Address: Phone Number: PROJECT REQUEST Project Name: Requested Services (check all that apply): Writing/Editorial Graphics/Design Media/Publicity Event Project or Event Description (be as specific as possible): Target Audience(s): Objectives (what would make this successful?): Requested Completion Date/Event Date(s): Budget Code (if costs are involved, which budget code should be charged?):
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