182 Representative Documents: Job Descriptions JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Student Engagement and Information Skills Librarian University Libraries and Museums Sheridan Libraries JOB DESCRIPTION Title: Librarian III, Student Engagement and Information Skills Librarian Reports To: Margaret Burri, Assistant Director, Academic Liaison and Special Collections Role: ATP Level: 4 Range: PD _____________________________________________________________________________________ Position Summary: This position plans, designs, implements, reviews, and assesses programs and services that foster the research needs of students, with an emphasis on undergraduates. Capitalizing upon the intersection of orientation, learning, and research support, this position focuses on creating effective and sustainable connections between the libraries and targeted undergraduate learning environments and communities. This position partners with Expository Writing, the Writing Center, the Common Read Book Committee, the Undergraduate Public Health Program and the Office of Undergraduate Research (KSAS and Whiting) to develop programs that support student learning through positive engagement in both formal and informal settings, and explores ways to further integrate information literacy and research skills across the curriculum. This position also oversees the hiring and training of students who staff the Sheridan Libraries’ Information Desk. This key triage point connects students with librarians for help at point-of-need. The position requires a desire and ability to be responsive to the growing socially innovative academic endeavors across the disciplines. This requirement entails engagement with the university, local, and academic library communities in order to enhance and improve inclusivity in our library, and promote innovation through understanding of diverse perspectives and ideas. The incumbent also provides ongoing assessment and analysis of library instructional activities. Responsibilities: Serve as a liaison to student academic groups and undergraduate learning communities that are not affiliated with specific departments Investigate and implement innovative and future-oriented strategies to integrate information literacy and research skills into the curriculum Develop best practice classroom models of integrated information competencies across different levels of classroom involvement Investigate, develop, implement, and share expectations and trends in teaching and learning in both academic libraries and universities in general Investigate aligning information literacy standards with the institution’s program review, departmental learning objectives, and/or accreditation standards
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