81 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement We saw through numbers that there is a healthy interest in library events. We have found new ways to contact people, change our program length, and the time of day of events from survey data. We’re able to prioritize audiences more effectively using the available data, consider topics that would be relevant to our potential audiences. We use survey data, observations, and other tools to make program decisions. Yes, and often. We collect relevant information to determine if the program met the intended goals—that can be head counts, staff feedback, participant feedback/information, etc. When goals aren’t being met we look for ways to adjust or improve the program, or determine if there are other valuable goals that are being met and adjust accordingly. 37. How are the impacts of outreach and engagement activities reported? Check all that apply. N=56 Library employees include outreach activities as part of their performance evaluations 44 79% Outreach assessment data is gathered and compiled to respond to intermittent administration requests 32 57% Individual departments provide a report to library administrators on an annual or regular basis 28 50% A library-wide report is compiled and provided to library administrators on an annual or periodic basis 20 36% A library-wide report is compiled and provided to institutional administrators on an annual or periodic basis 13 23% No reporting on outreach is required in my library 9 16% Other reporting method 7 13% Please briefly describe the other reporting method. N=7 Headcounts/transaction numbers kept for most outreach activities across the Libraries. Information is gathered and then drawn upon to justify service and staffing considerations also reported on in the context of a specific topic. Report on various projects to related committees and strategic leadership team. Reporting is done on an ad hoc basis, depending on the activity. It might be shared at the full library level, the department level, division level, or team level. Reporting is not required, but is still provided to demonstrate the value of outreach to library administration. Individual librarians will include it in their annual evaluations to demonstrate evidence of librarianship, if applicable. Student engagement committee report is submitted annually and reviewed by library managers. The university librarian’s annual report to Senate includes information about outreach activities. 38. How much time does your library provide for establishing impact and demonstrating success of an outreach activity? N=56 There is no defined time frame for demonstrating success and impact 34 61% Success and impact can be demonstrated incrementally over time 14 25% Success and impact must be demonstrated after two or three iterations 4 7% Success and impact must be demonstrated immediately 1 2% Other time frame 3 5%
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