32 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses 12. Who is responsible for setting outreach goals and objectives at your library? Check all that apply. N=56 Department head 40 71% Librarian 40 71% Other library administrator 35 63% Library dean/director 30 54% Non-librarian staff 24 43% No one is responsible for this activity at this time 7 13% Other individual 8 14% Please specify the other individual. N=8 Director of Communications and Marketing In collaboration with campus partners Library Outreach & Communications Administrator Our Communications and Outreach Working Group is comprised of librarian and non-librarian staff. Our organization as a whole helped develop our outreach goals as stated in our strategic plan. These efforts are led by the Program Director for Outreach & Engagement. Strategic Communications Manager The AUL for Research & Learning leads the planning for outreach efforts across the organization. A recent cross-library committee established outreach goals and outcomes for the organization. The committee included department heads, non-librarians, and librarians. Campus stakeholders and our Student Library Advisory Committee vetted the proposal as well. We have a Communications and Marketing Steering Committee and a Programming Task Force with members across the library. 13. Do your library’s outreach activities align with broader institutional initiatives, goals, or strategic priorities? N=55 Yes 53 96% No 2 4% If yes, please briefly describe an example of an institutional initiative, goal, or strategic priority with which your library’s outreach activities are aligned (e.g., retention of first generation students, diversity recruitment, etc.) N=47 A strategic priority is, as a land grant university, to invite non-academic community members onto our campus. By participating in city-wide First Friday art events, Special Collections and Archives lectures, and Family History Day, we encourage state-wide and local engagement with library activities. Advancing Cultural Understanding and Creative Expression, helping to provide a Welcoming and Collaborative Campus Community Although each NARA unit sets their own local objectives, they all support NARA’s broader outreach goals. “Strategic Goal 2: Connect with Customers: Connect with Customers challenges us to continuously improve customer service, cultivate public participation, and generate new understanding of the importance of records in a democracy. We continuously engage with and learn from our
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