46 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Library dean/director 13 23% Other category 15 27% Please specify the other category. N=15 Communications and marketing library staff Communications and marketing staff Communications and marketing team Communications staff Depends on the event Development officer, marketing and communications coordinator Libraries communications/social media staff Library communications director, ad hoc committees/teams Marketing and communications manager Marketing staff Library grantees and contractors Our director of communications and marketing will work with an outside designer for large-scale events and exhibits. For smaller events like orientations, either a librarian or our marketing and outreach coordinator will design fliers and promote via social media. The sponsor of the event and the program director of outreach and engagement will work with our communications staff to identify and purchase any promotional materials. This duty may be assigned to various staff at any given facility but ultimate responsibility rests with the facility director. Wide variety across locations, and the options in this question don’t reflect our staffing categories. This is a joint effort between the communications manager and whoever is planning the event. Purchasing library promotional materials for outreach events N=57 Non-librarian staff 33 58% Librarian 31 54% Department head 28 49% Other library administrator 25 44% Library event planner 19 33% Library dean/director 12 21% Event planning committee 12 21% Other category 12 21% Please specify the other category. N=12 Although many people can request promotional materials, purchasing is centralized and design goes through Marketing and Communications Coordinator Communications and marketing library staff Communications and marketing staff (director and designer)
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