69 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement Cost sharing leveraging each other’s marketing venues. Develops a greater reach to students. Each of these departments has a different insight into the student experience and allows us to better understand students and support their success. Partnerships allow us to be more efficient and effective by combining resources. Due to decreasing budgets we are able to collaborate and share expenses and combine resources. Financial support, synergy, networking, building good will, development of positive relationships Further exposure for the collections and library services, and reaching new and unique audiences. Further our mutual goals. Greater campus awareness, ability to reach more students, ability to have more impact on students, spurs creative thinking. It drives new target populations into the library. Librarians are on the advisory committees of new centers and can help shape strategic directions. Librarians have partners with specific expertise with these populations to help plan and execute new targeted programming (e.g., library workshops specifically geared to transfer students). It expands our reach, and provides new perspectives. It’s the power of “more” in that it allows us to reach into communities we would not ordinarily intersect with. Leveraging resources for programming, increasing networks and campus contacts, greater student engagement opportunities. NARA, and ultimately, the American public, sees a wealth of benefit from the creation of strategic partnerships. NARA will continue to nurture these relationships for maximum benefit (such as cost efficiency) to the American public. New collaborations can foster long-term projects that lead to innovative programming and efficient ways of conducting outreach and promoting initiatives. New networks for promotion enthusiastic about trying new things have a lot of good ideas (but often don’t have the money, that’s where we help with that). New perspective Our partners bring diverse expertise to improve our programs and also participate in promotions, expanding our reach. Partners have established outreach mechanisms that we can tap into, that have better reach than the library on its own. Results in better services because all are better informed cost sharing less duplication of effort wider market reach. Sharing resources and knowledge for mutual benefit increasing research and awareness of library services. Strategic partners are great if there is a benefit to both you and the partner. We often see an increase in our visibility to other groups on campus or an increase in referral of our services. Students, faculty, etc. learn about library in method/space/from person they are comfortable with. Broadens our reach when messages come from more than one place/person, etc. Synergy, increased participation, audience development, cross marketing, resource sharing, access to different segments, funding
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