83 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement Case Study 2 An event was held to inform students about how to improve their professional portfolio via LinkedIn. Informational presentations were offered along with the opportunity to have a professional portrait taken, and the opportunity to work with a career counselor, employer, or librarian to improve their LinkedIn portfolio. Undergraduate, graduate, professional, and post-doctoral students attended. Within the library the event did not need approval. The only cost for the event is snacks for the attendees. The libraries campus engagement committee with collaborators from the career center, and the libraries communications department. Career counselors, employers, and librarians volunteered to work with students on their LinkedIn portfolios. The career center does some marketing, including via email. The libraries advertise on social media and via digital signs in library spaces. The campus career center was included because of their mission and goals. The libraries communications department was included because of their expertise, including a professional photographer. Some assessment is done by the career center. The libraries collect headcounts and have access to surveys distributed by the career center. High attendance and positive comments (both through surveys, and verbal comments) from students, the career center, and employers who volunteered for the event. Case Study 3 Annual Open House for Smithsonian Interns. The Smithsonian hosts hundreds of seasonal interns each year, most during the summer. During this now-annual event, we invite interns to learn more about library services and resources that can help them with their research. Department head. A few hundred dollars. Primarily the outreach librarian, with assistance from reference/training staff. Primarily through email (to intern lists and to unit intern coordinators) but also a Smithsonian Intern Facebook group. The Office of Fellowships and Internships helps to promote the event and puts it on the main Smithsonian Intern calendar. There is no firm assessment plan, we typically note the number of attendees and observe how long they stay and their level of engagement. Number of attendees, level of engagement, number of attendees who sit-in for trainings Case Study 4 Big Red Ruckus is a library sponsored “fun night” targeted at incoming students to explore services provided by the libraries and its partners. The goals are to orient students to the library and introduce them to student success services. The dean approves it. The budget has ranged from $1600–$2250. There is a planning committee with representation from partnering units. Social media, parent newsletter, campus-wide digital signage and website, posters, promotional material included in New Student Orientation activities.
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