123 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO LIBRARIES Strategic Plan 2013–2018 | 2016 Update | Strategic Priorities https://onesearch.library.utoronto.ca/sites/default/files/strategic_planning/UTL-Strategic- Plan-2013-18.pdf Strategic Plan 2013–2018 | 2016 Update 3 STr AT egIC PrIorITIeS Comprehensive collections 1. We will strengthen our worldwide reputation for building collec- tions renowned for their scope, depth and scholarly impact. 2. We will enhance access, accessibility and discoverability of our collections. 3. We will preserve our print, digital and media collections for future generations of scholars. Singular spaces 1. We will make major capital investments to expand and reno- vate the libraries. 2. We will provide physical spaces that inspire creativity and accelerate discovery. They will support the varied learning needs of our users to ensure their academic success. Innovative inquiry 1. Our physical and digital spaces will inspire learning and knowledge creation, and enhance the University as a learning community. 2. We will continue to nurture the lifelong information literacy skills of our scholars by sharing advice and best practices, informed by an understanding and appreciation of their needs and goals. 3. We will be the partner of choice that researchers turn to for help finding the quality information they need for scholarship. exceptional engagement 1. We will engage deeply with the higher education community on issues that impact scholarship. 2. We will partner with colleagues locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to deliver outstanding research services. 3. We will build a strong culture of engagement with our diverse users. Strategic stewardship 1. We will measure our contribution to the successful fulfillment of the mission of the University. 2. We will pursue opportunities to develop new revenue channels in support of key service areas and new service initiatives. 3. We will become a nimble organization that is able to contin- ually adapt to the rapidly changing information and higher education environments. The Libraries recognize that diversity is essential to meeting these goals, and are committed to recruiting a diverse staff.
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