137 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Proposal for Freshman Library Orientation 2018 This campaign is part of the Sheridan Libraries Academic Liaisons marketing campaign. 3 Blue Jay Day continued… Touch Screen Interactive Large tablet or touch screen so librarians can demonstrate to students how to use the library website. If possible, we’d like to order (another) touch screen similar to the one ordered for the DC library, and use this opportunity to prototype student interaction in anticipation for the new Service Desk model. Since the coding is finished, Meredith would upload it to the unit, and swap out the video file for Brody Learning Commons: A Second Home. Librarians would show students our webpage, along with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Blog. Most importantly, librarians would direct students to the Subject Guides page to find their librarian. Marketing Campaign Meredith will execute an integrated marketing communications campaign: Print o Lav Notes #1: Monday, August 20th o Lav Notes #2: Friday, August 31st o PocketMaps o Daily Grind cup sleeves Avery labels #8164 Online Digital o library.jhu.edu “What's Happening at the Libraries” page slider o Social Media Library FB, Insta, Twitter excluding Special Collections Open House #classof2022 FB page o Hub Events o Today’s Announcements o Sheridan Libraries Blog SC Open House Library Tours Fire & Ice Re-publish blogs on the RCO, online & offline resources Offline Digital o Orca excluding Special Collections Open House Library Tours Blue Jay Day Swag Visit the RCO Meet Your Librarian o BLC Screens Swag distribution at MSEL service points Meredith will contact the Office of First Year Experience to have our swag announcements added to their Facebook page: “Attend these events and pick up your freshman swag!”
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