79 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement Usage counts and feedback from volunteers. We have cancelled several events for low attendance. Usage stats, observations Usage head count on occasion, social media usage/followers We are in the process of canceling a long-standing reference service based on data showing use of the service. We use survey data, observations, and other tools to make program decisions. Additional comment Not sure how to make this answer relevant or useful. We have not canceled events, but that does not mean we wouldn’t, if evaluation of a program showed it wasn’t worthwhile. 36. Has your library made either small or substantive changes based on assessment data? N=56 Yes 49 88% No 7 13% If yes, what data was useful for making that decision? N=46 All methods from question 31 above Attendance and results of surveys Attendance, survey responses, participant feedback Changes to content or scheduling. Changes based on feedback from particular audiences. Changes based on enrollment data. Comments shared from survey of grad students helped shape activities that are offered. Comments, qualitative assessment (e.g., new ideas, suggestions based on user feedback) Cost analysis, staff efforts, audience reached, and strategic plan goals Developing more user-centered workshops of strong interest/usefulness to overall campus. Feedback and comments Feedback from our student advisory board (used as a focus group) has been very useful in helping us design services and events. Feedback from participants and volunteers is typically most useful. We’ve even used heat maps to look at traffic patterns during our large Open House and make adjustments to the placement of booths. Feedback from participants Free-form comments, especially on structure of events. Likert scale responses that assess understanding of holdings/topics before and after. Volunteer and partner feedback and observations. We adjust frequency and timing of events based on attendance data. Headcount, staffing challenges, observations, comments Headcounts and qualitative data Headcounts, observations, participant comments Headcounts feedback from participants, staff, and partners Headcounts, participant feedback
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