179 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement UNIVERSITY OF HOUSTON LIBRARIES Campus Engagement Committee Charge & Responsibilities Campus Engagement Committee Charge & Responsibilities Charge: The Committee helps meet the UH Libraries Strategic Directions by developing innovative programming that promotes the UH libraries and targets specific user groups with customized outreach efforts. Responsibilities: 1. Develop and execute innovative programming to promote UH Libraries on campus and bring users into the building 2. Collaborate with various UH units to promote library collections and services by participating in campus-wide events, such as orientations and Cougar First Impressions 3. Coordinate with the Communications Department to effectively advertise committee programming through available marketing channels 4. Develop a repository of UH Libraries-branded promotional materials to be used by all librarians 5. Research, develop, and document best practices, standards, and benchmarks for assessment of current and future outreach and promotional endeavors 6. Investigate funding opportunities for library outreach projects 7. Solicit feedback and evaluate information from library users to better inform planning and promotion of services
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