82 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Please briefly describe the other time frame. N=3 It is a combination of all three, depending on the format and goals of the program. Ongoing assessment and reporting of impact is expected for well-established outreach programs. Those reports come out soon after the events. Other activities may not require formal assessment, but are reported to show impact. Success of newly developed events can be shown incrementally. This is in development in our library system. The plan is to include outreach assessment in other communication assessment data. CASE STUDIES 39. Please select one of your library’s outreach and engagement activities that was conducted within the past two years and briefly answer the following questions about it. N=48 Please describe the activity. What were the goals? What did it look like? Who did it serve? Who had to approve the event? What was its budget? Who was involved in the planning, implementing, staffing, and evaluation of the event? How was the event advertised and/or promoted? Please describe any collaborators, both internal and external. Who were they, and how were they se- lected? Please describe the assessment plan for this activity. What assessment methodologies were used? How did you know if the activity was successful? Please provide any assessment reports, if applicable. Case Study 1 1) Be Involved Fair for students hosted on campus level. University Libraries has an annual presence. Estimated 7000 students attend. Goals are to welcome students to campus and share information about the Libraries. 2) Therapy dogs at finals across all branches of University Libraries. Goals are to provide welcoming and stress-free environment. Provide care for the whole student. 1) Be Involved Fair is free for campus departments. Swag is given out and that is requested from the communications director. 2) Therapy dogs budget is requested annually through Libraries administration. Often Office of Student Affairs partners and provides some financial support. Budget can be between $500 and $1000. Outreach group planned, implemented, staffed, and evaluated each of those events. Be Involved Fair is advertised at the campus level. Therapy dogs is promoted through a request to the communications manager. This past year the following communications were requested: flyers in Libraries, social media, flyers on campus, table tents, digital signs in Libraries, digital signs on campus. Word of mouth is helpful. Office of Student Affairs collaborated with therapy dogs. Long-standing partnership for this event. Headcounts for both Success is defined differently for both events. Comments and feedback provide measure of success for therapy dogs. Headcounts provides measure of success of Be Involved Fair. Also, quality of interactions considered most important.
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