84 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Collaborators are based on partners located in the Love Library complex. These partners are Information Technology Services, First Year Experience, Education Abroad, Office of Undergraduate Research and Dunkin’ Donuts. We produce a final report with mostly anecdotal information. We also include gate counts and social media engagement. We also gather information from a “passport” that students use to visit booths and register for prizes. Attendance and participation numbers Case Study 5 BioCommons Study Jam. Served students studying in the library and students associated with the Division for Diversity, Equity, and Education Achievement (DDEEA). Academic partners, including tutoring services, were on hand to lend assistance near finals. Students were encouraged to work on final project, study for exams, while breaks for snacks and hands-on crafting were provided. Approval by Head of Library, Director of BioCommons, Director of DDEEA academic support services. Librarians, BoiCommons staff, Director of DDEEA academic support services Social media, flyers, posters BioCommons (Learning commons partnership with WISCIENCE & the Libraries), DDEEA Academic Support Services, and The Writing Center. Selection was based on programmers of the space and key partners in academic support. Attendance, what services were accessed, and some feedback from students Over 300 students attended. Drop-in tutoring was accessed. Students shared that they were having a positive experience during their breaks. Case Study 6 Brain Break: Stress-reduction event for students completing final projects and preparing for finals. Included therapy dogs, massage chairs, meditation and stretching, coloring books, puzzles, etc. Initially the university librarian approved the concept. Now it is repeated each semester with only the budget being approved by the UL. Initially planned by the library, tutoring, and IT to be an academic/technology support event. Tutoring, reference, and technology support were not popular, so now just a stress-reduction event. Posters, digital displays, table tents Originally, tutoring and IT collaborated, but now it is just a library event. Surveys, head counts, and observation Surveys and head counts Case Study 7 Club Alex: Once a year, we partner with the Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA) on a senior week event where the anchor library at Rutgers-New Brunswick is converted into a ticketed dance club event. This popular event is available only to graduating seniors. The goal is to engage with graduating seniors and create good memories for future alumni. The director of the New Brunswick Libraries must approve the event. The budget is paid for by RUSA. RUSA representatives, the undergraduate experience librarian, communications and web team, computer admins, library staff
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