37 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement It depends on the planning group and the event. It depends on the program or activity some are recurring, some are one-time. It varies. Some events are planned on an annual basis and others on a semester-by-semester basis, or one event at a time (including piloting) depending on need. Most units plan on an annual basis, but the committee that organizes a significant majority of activities directed at undergraduate students plans on a semester basis. On a case-by-case basis as needs or opportunities arise. Our exhibit program is usually scheduled three years out, and we have some events that we do annually or each semester. We leave ourselves flexibility for events on the fly if something comes up for example, we put together a last minute eclipse viewing party two years ago. Our outreach program is in its second year and continues to grow. We don’t have a set timeline for determining outreach activities. We have strategic goals related to outreach and specific programs that we have committed to for 1–3 years. We also consider additional requests/outreach activities one event at a time. The timeline can vary across the institution. Progress is measured annually, but the outreach activities themselves are developed on an ongoing basis. The timeline for outreach activities varies across the Libraries, there are strategic directions and outcomes set by the Libraries and departments that happen annually or on a semester basis, but then interactions may happen on a needs basis determined by the schedules of the departments and programs we collaborate with and support. Timeline and planning vary by activity/event, with some things occurring annually, others with different timelines. Typically, during annual budget request periods. In addition, on an ad hoc basis as opportunities are identified. We broadly map out our plan on a yearly basis, through goal setting and strategic alignment. However, that timeline does change and react to things happening at the institution (and relationships that evolve with our stakeholders throughout the year). We do an overview of annual events, try to be agile and participate if an opportunity comes up a month in advance, and some events on their own timeline. We have outreach activities that happen each year and those are planned for each quarter: orientations, Library Week, Exam Relief, etc. Several other activities come up throughout the year and are factored in as needed: exhibits & displays, pop-up library, campus events & partnership activities. We plan annually, but take advantage of opportunities as they arrive. 15. Do outreach events require approval from library managers or library administration? N=57 Yes, for some activities 43 75% Yes, for every activity 9 16% No 5 9% If yes, please describe the types of outreach activities that require library administrative approval and who in your library is responsible for approving those activities. N=42
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