49 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement Frequently N=2 Library grantees and contractors People staffing our events include managers, volunteers, student workers, strategic partners, and others. The ratio of these workers varies across facilities and is dependent on various factors including funding, the function of the facility, the existence of a support organization on site, the existence of a campus on site, etc. These answer categories do not reflect our staffing and there is wide variation, as with the other answers. Always N=2 Multimedia and technical staff Student Engagement and Outreach Librarian (SEOL). Moving forward in new functional organizational model, SEOL will not have to be involved in all outreach activities. Additional comment Comments from above: Institutional strategic partners: The library is just the space/place for various groups to do their own activities/promotions. Other than allow space use, the library is not involved in active programming to writing center (similar to student org tables in lobby CELT, Grad College, etc. who make use of library space but no intentional or collaborative library program or activities takes place). Librarians providing answer to this survey felt this “use of space” does not constitute OUTREACH. Event Planning Committee: Reflects events committee programs, i.e., Barks @ Parks, Banned Books, WelcomeFest. 19. Staffing outreach events can take significant staff time. If your library outreach event staff includes individuals from across the library who don’t have formal outreach responsibilities, please briefly describe how you recruit them and how you ensure supervisor support and approval for their time. N=48 A call for participation, training of tasks and responsibilities, supervisor support and approval are encouraged by management. Generally, email requests are sent to library department heads soliciting volunteers. Training, if needed, is provided by the outreach activity planner/leader. Call for volunteers has always been successful. Committees that sponsor events will act as planning groups email solicitation for volunteers within the library. Each volunteer needs to obtain supervisory support. Dean, associate dean, department head, or librarian sends a request via email for participation. Dean or associate dean encourages supervisors to have their staff participate. Email recruitment, either staff or student engagement committee co-chairs check with supervisors to get approval for participation. Email requesting volunteer and supervisor cooperation. Faculty and student engagement is a priority and described as mission-critical. Support for events and other activities can be documented in promotion and review materials and for merit increases. For some outreach activities there are general calls for participation to our full staff email lists. More commonly, there are calls for participation to specific departmental groups or individuals. Staff check in with their supervisors about their capacity to participate. Generally by email
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