20 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses We have an active community engagement office on campus that does a lot of local events to various populations and the library often has a table/booth: examples are Hispanic Day, College Park Day, Maryland Day, etc. Additional comments N=2 The library does have one USPTO designated patent & trademark librarian whose mission is to serve as a patent resource for university constituents, but also for citizens of the state. We have a group of librarians working on a project called “Decolonizing Description” where they have been working with First Nations groups in Alberta. 3. For which of the following underserved or special populations has your library developed targeted outreach and engagement strategies? Check all that apply. N=54 International college students 45 83% First generation college students 33 61% LGBTQIA+ patrons 29 54% People of color 26 48% People with disabilities 23 43% Veterans 22 41% Non-traditional college students 17 32% Rural, tribal, and native patrons 17 32% Older adults 13 24% Low-income patrons 10 19% Commuter college students 9 17% Adult literacy patrons 6 11% Incarcerated or ex-offenders 4 7% Homeless patrons 2 4% Bookmobile patrons 1 2% Other population 17 32% Please briefly describe the other population. N=17 Distance students Employees of area non-profit organizations English as an additional language students (not all are international students) First Nations students High school students High schools students from underserved populations K-12 students from underserved groups Little Free Libraries project is for the wider community and was done in conjunction with the university’s Office for Sustainability.
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