55 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement If yes, please indicate which positions. Check all that apply. N=54 Library liaison/subject specialist position(s) 48 89% Dedicated outreach librarian position(s) 29 54% Dedicated outreach staff (non-librarian) position(s) 29 54% Institution’s marketing position(s) 29 54% Public services staff position(s) 29 54% Library administrative position(s) 26 48% Other staff position 15 28% Please specify the other staff position. N=15 Communication positions Communications and marketing library staff Communications and outreach working group Content specialist librarians such as our open access & copyright librarian who is responsible for doing outreach to educate the campus on open access, copyright, and scholarly communications-related topics. User experience (UX) librarian. Director of advancement Grants administrator (librarian), rare books librarians, assessment librarian Librarians on certain teams have outreach responsibilities (we use a functional model rather than a liaison model, so different teams have different outreach needs). Libraries IT Not staff position but some librarians who are non-subject specialists but have outreach written into their positions. We do not have a dedicated outreach librarian but rather a team of faculty and staff who host certain calendar events and provide support for others. Outreach support staff Social media manager Student success and instruction librarians Three positions constitute our “outreach” team: 1) event & exhibitions librarian, 2) communications & marketing manager, 3) student success librarian. All are overseen directly by the associate university librarian for research, learning & engagement. Additionally, all subject librarians have “outreach” written into their job descriptions. We have a user experience team that is primarily responsible for outreach activities. We hire students as peer guides to assist with activities, social media, etc. While not every facility has an education specialist, public program specialist, or public affairs specialist, some facilities do. 22. Are outreach activities reflected and evaluated in performance standards for your library employees? N=56 Yes 47 84% No 9 16%
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