165 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY, SUNY, LIBRARIES Outreach/Campus Engagement Outreach/Campus Engagement Prepared by: Dana Haugh The Communications and Outreach Working Group recommends strategies, policies, and procedures to ensure that events align with and fully support the University Libraries’ mission, vision, and goals. The Working Group collaborates closely with Library faculty and staff to plan, promote, and execute cultural, scholarly and advancement events and programs in the Library. Also, the Working Group coordinates and oversees the Library’s full-range of publicity and communications strategies for consistent messaging and branding of its resources, services, and programs. Membership : Dana Haugh (Chair), Will Blydenburgh, Vincent Clark, Janet Clarke, Shafeek Fazal, Lisa Miller, Jamie Saragossi, Chris Sauerwald 2016-2017 Accomplishments Total of 59 events reaching approximately 4,000 patrons Fall: 29 Spring: 30
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