152 Representative Documents: Event Planning UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO LIBRARY Draft: Event Planning for Therapy Dogs -Contact Campus Police informing them of the date/time/location of the event. As well as the names of the volunteers. -Our contact with Campus Police is the Sergeant of Special Events: _________________ -Contact Parking Services to request both a parking voucher, and for a parking space to be reserved for the volunteer(s) in parking lot ‘D’ (The one beneath Needles Hall). -Our contact for Parking Services is: uparking@uwaterloo.ca -Contact PlantOps to request deep cleaning of the space after the event, and for on-call support during the event in case of biological accidents within the room. -Our contacts with PlantOps are Custodial Supervisors: ________________________________ ________________________________ -Contact Library Facilities to request for queue lines to be delivered to the event space day of the event and specify a pick up date. -Post signage on the Sims Reading Room in advance of the event warning that the space will be needed on the specific dates. -Pick up a thank you card from Library Assistant. -Purchase a thank you gift/library swag for volunteer/dog. -Print numbers for crowd management. Each dog can see 5 students at a time, for 6 minutes. Do the math to estimate how many people can visit in total. This will prevent a student from needlessly waiting in line only to be disappointed. -Send an email to all Library staff warning them about the presence of dogs in the Library. Day of the Event: -Arrive at the event space ten minutes early to ensure the signage is still up, and to warn all patrons within the space that they will have to leave by the event start time. -Ensure that queue lines have been delivered, then set up the line directing it down the hallway towards the Flexlab. -Post signs on nearby workstations warning about higher than usual noise levels due to the event. -Have a volunteer waiting at ‘D’ lot to meet the volunteer and walk them to the event space. -Clear any remaining patrons from the event room at the start time. -Prepare a bowl with water for the dog(s).
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