112 Representative Documents: Outreach Mission and Goals UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARA LIBRARY General Statement on the Subject Librarian Role in the UCSB Library General Statement on the Subject Librarian Role in the UCSB Library Subject librarians at the UC Santa Barbara Library are collaborative, dynamic, service-oriented professionals who foster excellence in scholarship and teaching by developing research collections and facilitating access to scholarly information resources in one or more assigned subject areas. The successful subject librarian provides leadership by actively engaging and building relationships with campus scholarly communities in the assigned subject(s), and serves as an expert resource to support traditional and emerging research practices and curricular development. Responsibilities The subject librarian enhances research, teaching, and learning by shaping the library’s general and distinctive research collections in the assigned subject(s) and related interdisciplinary areas. Depending on the needs of the relevant campus user communities, the subject librarian also provides specialized instructional sessions and research services in the assigned subject(s) for faculty, graduate students, and undergraduates, including consultation on scholarly communication issues works collaboratively with the library’s data curators to support evolving needs in conducting data-intensive research advocates and promotes the library’s new services in digital scholarship and builds and sustains trusted relationships with key campus constituencies to advance the research, teaching, and service mission of the university and further the library’s strategic goals. The subject librarian may also contribute to the library’s general reference services and instructional programs as assigned. Collection development and access responsibilities include selection, assessment, and life-cycle management of scholarly information resources that support scholarship and teaching in the assigned subject(s). Through responsible stewardship of collection funds allocated to the areas of responsibility, the subject librarian ensures effectiveness of the library’s investment in collections in order to provide maximum value for successful research and learning outcomes. Recognizing the unique strength of interdisciplinary scholarship on the UC Santa Barbara campus, the subject librarian works collaboratively with colleagues in related areas to develop scholarly collections and provide access to resources that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries and support new fields of inquiry. In partnership with curators in Special Research Collections and as relevant opportunities may arise, the subject librarian contributes to developing distinctive physical and digital collections and integrating the library’s rich primary source materials into campus curricula in the assigned subject area(s). The subject librarian participates in the appropriate collection group(s) (Humanities Social Sciences Sciences / Engineering Area, Ethnic, and Gender Studies), works with the Library’s Development personnel and Outreach and Academic Collaboration department on activities that concern the subject area, and contributes to area-specific consortial activities of the UC Libraries.
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