15 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement Outreach is defined as library services to internal groups other than those delivered to faculty and students via their subject liaison or via traditional reference services. Outreach is defined as promoting the positive impact of library services, resources, and expertise on academic excellence, transformative research, integrative scholarship, and local, regional, and global health and well being. “Outreach” is multi-faceted, and focused on our campus community (students, staff, and faculty), as well as the broader community of city residents, and our international community of researchers. It takes many forms, both physical and digital. We do not include classroom instruction in this category. Outreach is not well defined and is not centralized at our library. We do not have a traditional public services unit, given our team structure. For example, this survey was completed by three different teams to capture all the different information. Outreach is two-fold. That which is campus focused directed at faculty, staff, and students and community focused directed at Friends of the Libraries members, donors, and the community at large. Promoting collaboration with university partners to offer a seamless array of services to support learning, research, and teaching. Community engagement. Facilitate collaboration and interdisciplinary research partnerships. Build collections and conduct digitization initiatives with global and local partners to meet the teaching, learning, research, and clinical care needs of the university community. Promoting library services and resources to campus and community. Promoting library services and resources to our university’s constituents. Promoting library services to internal university community and minimally to externals. Relationships, events, and services that the libraries have established in order to more effectively inform our users of library services and programs that will enhance their experience of the libraries and the university. Since this position was recently filled and the committee has been reconstituted, outreach is best defined by the position description for the Instruction and Outreach Librarian as “the pursuit of new opportunities on campus, cultivating new constituencies for existing services, and identifying new services for those populations that can be better served by the Libraries.” The Libraries outreach furthers the Libraries’ role as an intellectual and cultural center of the university. The Libraries sees its outreach as including its workshops, programs, and activities available to students and faculty in all disciplines to help them explore and apply tools and systems to enhance their research and learning. It includes programming intended to reach a broad and diverse audience within the university and to create an inclusive environment. Libraries outreach also includes events and programming that reach alumni, Friends of the Library, and the community at large. In answering the questions in this survey, we are not including course-based programming such as instruction. The library does not have a formal definition of outreach, but outreach and engagement activities are intended for campus patrons, as well as those outside the university community. The library’s outreach program serves to create and execute programs and marketing communications to increase awareness of and promote the use of the library’s services and resources, as well as our contributions to the library profession. The outreach program comprises events & exhibitions, student success, and communications. The library’s events program strives to showcase the richness of scholarly and creative work at the university and to connect researchers, teachers, students, and audiences from multiple disciplines in our central campus location to learn, collaborate, and engage with ideas. Events sponsored by the library highlight faculty and student scholars, as well as visiting scholars, authors, curators, and artists. The Student
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