42 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Additional comments N=6 Library renovation project inhibited our ability to host our annual Open House. These situations are not reported from individual librarians so this is an estimate. This information about events NOT held is not gathered so the selected items communicate anecdotal reports. We are going through a major library facilities renovation and have been constrained by lack of space. We experience all of these constraints at one time or another, but are not able to report accurately on frequency because our activities are distributed across multiple branches. We turn down suggestions that wouldn’t provide an appropriate ROI. STAFFING THE OUTREACH PROGRAM 17. Please indicate who is responsible for the following activities for outreach events at your library. Check all that apply. N=57 Planning prior to outreach events N=57 Librarian 53 93% Non-librarian staff 47 83% Department head 46 81% Other library administrator 39 68% Event planning committee 35 61% Library dean/director 29 51% Library event planner 23 40% Other category 17 30% Please specify the other category. N=17 Certain events are planned by an outreach group. Others are planned by faculty and staff (either in a group or individually). Communications & marketing team Communications and marketing library staff Depends on the event Development officer, marketing and communications coordinator Development staff, marketing staff Faculty and other community members For large events, sometimes we will create an event-specific planning committee. This is the case for our large scale Open House event. It depends. Again, anyone in our organization can “sponsor” an outreach program or event. The sponsor will be supported by the program director of outreach and engagement and our event planning staff as needed. Often times, we partner with campus departments or community organizations, so they will be involved in the planning, as well.
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