103 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement No formal assessment plan, just debriefing meetings amongst the team members with informal feedback gathered from the high school art teachers. The SSAIL project is yielding results this year, the Art Department has already reviewed portfolios from nine local high school students who want to pursue studio art programs at the University of Saskatchewan. And only one day after this years’ Opening Reception, the University Library was contacted by another high school art teacher who wants to work with us for next years’ SSAIL project. This very successful collaboration has brought beauty to our library spaces and has helped to further promote the university within the community. Case Study 42 Two of our librarians created a Diversity Immersion Program to bring in underserved high school students during a week in the summer. Students learn about libraries/research and are given an introduction to college life. Library administration, approximately $3,000 each year The two librarians who proposed and run the program. Mainly via social media and direct targeted promotion. Faculty from different academic units, librarians, career center personnel, iSchool graduate students Evaluations, interviews with participants Feedback from the evaluation forms and staff from the schools who participate. Case Study 43 UCSB Reads is an award-winning campus-wide and community-wide “one book” program started by the UCSB Library and executive vice chancellor in 2007. Each year, a committee of faculty, staff, students, and community partners convene to select an intellectually stimulating, interdisciplinary book by a living author that appeals to a wide range of readers and can be incorporated into the UCSB curriculum. The university librarian approves the event with input from a Selection Advisory Committee made up of university faculty, students, and staff, as well as community partners. The budget for the event is between $40–$50,000. The majority of the budget pays for the author talk and to purchase customized books to distribute for free to students. We usually raise about $35,000 from on-campus partners to offset the costs. The events & exhibitions librarian is in charge of UCSB Reads planning and implementation, in consultation with the associate university librarian for research, learning & engagement. The program is made up of multiple events that take place over four months. The events are promoted in various venues, including digital signage in residence & dining halls (paid advertising), local newspaper (paid advertising), campus online events calendar, print & digital signage in the library, print signage on kiosks around the campus, library e-newsletter, library social media, etc. Our main collaborator is Arts & Lectures, the performing arts venue on our campus. Our community partners include two other local higher education institutions and one high school. We raise money from internal campus departments, deans, and offices, all of whom are listed as our sponsors on all event collateral. Our main sponsor is the Office of the Executive Vice Chancellor. We usually offer multiple co-sponsored events leading up to the author talk. Depending on the topic of the book, these can include the MultiCultural Center, the Pollock Theater, Student Affairs, and other departments, centers, and organizations on campus. The chancellor always attends our book giveaway and personally hands out free books to students in the library.
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