29 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement 10. Articulating goals and outcomes for outreach can occur throughout the library organization. Please indicate how outcomes or goals specific to outreach and engagement are established at your library. Check all that apply. N=55 Individual librarians establish outreach goals/outcomes 40 73% Library units establish outreach goals/outcomes 39 71% Our library establishes goals/outcomes for individual outreach activities 29 53% Our library establishes goals/outcomes for specific populations (e.g., outreach goals for first year students) 26 47% Our library establishes goals/outcomes for groupings of outreach activities 19 35% Our library establishes goals/outcomes for our overall outreach program 18 33% Our library does not have outreach goals/outcomes established at any level 3 6% Other process 5 9% Please briefly describe the other process. N=5 Goals for special projects Library-wide priorities are established cooperatively on an annual basis, and various initiatives that match library priorities are lined out at that time. Initiatives can be added throughout the year as opportunities present themselves, but cohesive planning on a larger level happens at least annually. Goals and outcomes are also developed by the respective departments. We establish some outreach goals in collaboration with campus partners. We have an outreach librarian who sets goals for individual activities and programs. Sometimes those goals are set in tandem with sponsoring units or other librarians or staff. We have an over-arching goal to do the work but have not specified specific goals for each population/ activity. Assigning goals to academic staff to complete this type of work is tricky. We ask that, generally, they participate in any way they can. 11. Please briefly describe any established outcomes or goals specific to outreach and engagement in use at your library. You can copy and paste into this box or provide a link to a document at the end of the survey. N=24 ACRL Framework still being articulated for new strategic directions An example: Goal & Rationale: Coordinate, develop, and deliver outreach activities to the university community so users are aware of the Libraries’ services, facilities, and collections, etc. Objective 1: Work across functions and locations to gather information about their areas. Objective 2: Plan and develop programming, events, and associated outreach materials. Objective 3: Co-ordinate staffing of outreach events. Expected Outcomes & Planned Assessment Method: 1. Contact function chairs, etc. for information/contact person for various projects—summer 2018. 2. Orientation events for undergraduate and graduate students happen—August/September 2018 (the events, partnerships, number of people at events, observation study re engagement at event, patron use of event hashtag, etc.) 3. Outreach materials created, e.g., new display board for OWeek (the materials created). 4. Attend WU International Week meetings, help coordinate Opening Ceremonies for International Week—November 2018 (library visibility in IWeek, number of people attending events, observation, hashtags etc.) 4. Various outreach events/activities occur throughout the year (number of events, number of people reached). 5. Wellness initiatives occur throughout the year (number of people reached, partnerships created/maintained, engagement through social media etc.)
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