124 Representative Documents: Outreach Mission and Goals UNIVERSITY OF TORONTO LIBRARIES Strategic Plan 2013–2018 | 2016 Update | Exceptional Engagement https://onesearch.library.utoronto.ca/sites/default/files/strategic_planning/UTL-Strategic- Plan-2013-18.pdf Strategic Plan 2013–2018 | 2016 Update 7 Creating strong and enduring collaborations and relationships with our stakeholders is essential to our mission. To provide outstanding services, we must build effective, differentiated methods of communication and contin- uously seek feedback from our many users with a strong focus on our students and faculty. 1. We will engage deeply with the higher education community on issues that impact scholarship. a We will persuasively advocate for open access initiatives and provide credible leadership and guidance for new directions in scholarly communication and copyright. b. We will improve support of knowledge transfer activities by building strong partnerships with University researchers, the Office of Research and Innovation, Campus-Linked Accelerators and others. c. We will support faculty innovation in teaching by leveraging our partnerships with the Centre for Teaching Support and Innovation (CTSI) and providing the technology and expertise needed for tomorrow’s classroom. d. We will influence new directions of knowledge dissemination by engaging with publishers regarding emerging forms of scholarly publication and viable models of scholarly communica- tion for the future. e. We will build the technical infrastructure and support services that researchers need to meet emerging research data management requirements. 2. We will partner with colleagues locally, regionally, nationally and internationally to deliver outstanding research services. a. We will collaborate across our three campuses with all libraries at the University to further our shared missions of research and teaching service to our institution. b. We will partner with faculty, departments and external organizations to advance the University’s mission to foster leadership in the discovery, preservation, synthesis and transmission of knowl- edge. c. We will strengthen our global connections with consortia to build distributed and large-scale research services. d. We will grow our international presence by enhancing engagement with alumni, exploring new partnerships with international peers, and inviting international delegations to Toronto. 3. We will build a strong culture of engagement with our diverse users. a. We will evaluate our collections and services through our users’ knowledge and use of them. b. We will encourage all staff to proactively engage our students, faculty and other users offering timely support and effective information at the point of need. c. We will improve collections, spaces and services through ongoing user consultation, and find new and creative methods of seeking user input. d. We will create opportunities for lifelong learning and community engagement by holding lectures, exhibitions and other public events with leading scholars and thinkers. ex Ce PTIonAL eng A ge M en T i. Partnering with Canada’s leading academic libraries, Libraries and Archives Canada and Bibliothèque et Archives Nationales du Québec, UTL is preparing to implement a linked data metadata framework to improve discovery and access to scholarly information on the web. ii. Open Robarts, a transmedia game of secret societies, ancient mysteries, rare books and leading edge technologies helped promote open access to the university community in innovative and surprising ways. iii. The Gerstein Science Information Centre introduced a new Research and Innovation Services (R&I) unit to respond to demand for additional support for faculty research and innovation. SELECTED CURRENT INITIATIVES
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