117 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement NATIONAL ARCHIVES AND RECORDS ADMINISTRATION 2018–2022 Strategic Plan | Strategic Goal 2 Connect with Customers https://www.archives.gov/about/plans-reports/strategic-plan Teachers learn about scanning records in the Innovation Hub, National Archives Building, Washington, DC. 2.2 By FY 2020, NARA will achieve a 90 percent satisfaction rating from participants in museum, outreach, educational, and public programming activities. NARA engages with the public through museum exhibits, educational and public programs, online tools and services, and by soliciting public participation in agency initiatives. NARA measures public satisfaction and participation levels to understand the breadth of agency engagement with its customers and the public. NARA consistently receives customer satisfaction ratings in the 90th percentile from museum visitors and participants in educational and public programs. NARA will be challenged to maintain high satisfaction ratings as it explores ways to coordinate engagement functions and activities across multiple delivery channels, including online. Strategies: Expand use of crowd-sourcing tools to improve public access and engagement. Develop a national outreach program that promotes awareness of our holdings nationwide. Contributing Programs: Legislative Archives, Pres-idential Libraries, and Museum Services Office of Innovation. 2.3 By FY 2025, NARA will have 1 million records enhanced by citizen contributions to the National Archives Catalog. NARA encourages the public to engage with their government and explore American history by contributing unique content to the online National Archives Catalog. NARA encourages members of the public to add “tags” and transcribe records to improve search results and to make handwritten or difficult-to-read text accessible for a wider audience. 9
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