28 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses ESTABLISHING GOALS AND OUTCOMES 9. Has your library established library-wide outcomes or goals specific to outreach and engagement? N=57 Yes 30 53% No 27 47% If yes, what time period do the goals cover (e.g., semester, 1 year, 1–3 years, etc.)? N=30 Timeframe N 1 year 13 2 years 2 3 years 1 1–3 years 4 4–5 years 1 5 years 5 Comments N=11 FY18: Develop collaborative partnerships both on and off campus. Collaborate and provide critical information management services beyond the library in a cooperative effort to share resources. Contribute to state and national open access efforts. Explore and use social media and evolving technologies for discovery, communication, and stakeholder feedback. Goals are established in library strategic plans. The most recent plan covered a five-year period. Goals are revisited annually. However, the libraries are committed to continually scanning the environment for opportunities for engagement that may arise suddenly. One of the on-going library goals is to identify on-campus and off-campus university audiences that traditionally have not been targeted by the library or who may be under-utilizing available library services and resources. Goals cover a 1–3 year span in line with our strategic plan and have semester goals to ensure we are meeting the needs of the users. Goals span 4–5 years objectives and strategies to achieve are set and reviewed annually. No specific time frame indicated. Our library establishes goals/outcomes for each outreach activity separately. The time period for the goals varies from one initiative to the other. Our strategic communications plans are made for 2-year terms (generally). There are different communication plans for special projects that have their own timeline. Outreach goals are set at a unit level rather than at a library-wide level. Some units set yearly goals while others set goals for a semester. We recently completed a student engagement plan for the next academic year. Yes, as part of Libraries component of the university’s assessment process in the Libraries’ 5-year strategic plan.
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