39 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement Most activities do not require approval, but some activities that involve potential donors may need to be approved. New Faculty Orientation, finals activities, financial literacy workshops Only if it is an activity that requires a budget or funding that has not been previously approved. This is then vetted by the library administration. Outreach events that require funding need approval from a library administrator. Supervisor (of Libraries’ staff members) approval for scheduling assistant dean or associate dean approval for scheduling at times. Therapy Dogs, Library Day, Tattoo Tuesday: final approval rests with library executive. The dean makes those decisions. Events that require additional funding or outside partners need her approval. Those requiring budgetary approval and overall fitness to mission. Typically, approval is necessary for activities/events that require budget support, as well as large-scale activities/events that have not been done before. Since we do not have an overall coordinated outreach program, these activities and events are approved by administrators of the library divisions sponsoring the activity. Typically, approval is necessary if people request funds, which are reviewed by the library’s admin team. When funding is required (senior leadership team). When it is part of a libraries strategic goal (unit head for which it is a goal), e.g., developing and expanding library peer programs in Learning Skills and Residences, my supervisor knows/approves, as well as head of teaching and learning unit. We have an exhibitions committee that reviews proposals, and the dean has final approval over the budget for each exhibit. When significant funding ($1000+) is required outside of approved budget allotments certain types of innovative activities not previously funded. Yes, for some activities. Department heads, AULs, and the dean of the library approve events at different levels, particularly when considerable staff time is devoted to the task, staff are working outside of their own areas of responsibility, or resources are required. For every activity N=6 Activities do not always need high-level administrative approval, but at a minimum a branch/unit head approves outreach activities. All proposed events require approval and are managed by the communications and outreach working group with guidance from deans. Approval necessary by associate university librarian for research, learning & engagement. Events that require funding for food or speaker fees require the dean’s approval. Other, more routine outreach activities are generally approved by the supervisor. Every activity, and they have to be approved by the dean. Yes. Outreach activities with no cost associated with them can be approved by the program director for outreach & engagement. Other activities that include funding must be approved by an associate director or the library director.
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