173 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARA LIBRARY Student Success Librarian STATEMENT OF DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES Librarian Series Name of Librarian: Date of Appointment: Rank of Librarian: Primary Supervisor: Period Covered: A. Student Success Librarian (50%) Develops and implements programs aimed at engaging students with the UCSB Library and ensuring that the Library is contributing to their academic success. Investigates challenges particular to students, especially first years and those in traditionally underserved populations. Proposes initiatives to help students develop as early scholars and, ultimately, thrive as members of the UCSB research community. Seeks out and builds relationships with student‐centered units and programs across campus committed to student learning. Acts as a Library liaison to student groups, especially Associated Students and Graduate Student Association. Follows students through their cycle from prospective student status through graduation, leading Library outreach programs during Spring Insight, Graduate Student Orientation, and Week of Welcome, among other milestone events. Organizes, offers, and trains others to lead Library orientations and tours for students, as needed. Participates in the Library’s efforts to assess how the use of Library resources and services impacts student success and learning. B. Collection Management and Development Collection manager for English and French. Responsible for all aspects of collection development and management for these collections, including selection of information resources, collection management (including storage, preservation, and weeding decisions), faculty liaison, collection interpretation (including specialized reference services and user instruction), collection evaluation, management of collection budgets, and resource sharing. Develops resource guides for the collections. Under the general direction of the Collections Coordinator for Humanities and Area Studies, participates in collaborative collection development projects. C. Reference and Research Consultation Serves at the Reference/Information Desk and participates in the UC digital reference service as assigned. Provides in-depth reference, research consultation, and user instruction.
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