26 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Some of the funds for outreach to our indigenous student population come from a community-funding source where we share the cost for hiring students 50/50. Some of the outreach functions are funded through the Federal government appropriation process, but the bulk of the funding is through private support organizations such as the National Archives Foundation and the Presidential Libraries’ individual foundations. Those foundations are funded through private donations, and other streams of funding. Sponsorships 7. Please enter an estimate of the total annual expenditures for your library’s outreach activities, including promotional materials and event support, but excluding personnel costs. N=42 Minimum Maximum Mean Median N 4,000 12,100,000 375,270.50 30,000 36 Amount N 10,000 3 10,000–14,999 6 15,000–19,999 2 20,000–24,999 5 25,000–29,999 1 30,000–34,999 4 35,000–39,999 1 40,000–44,999 3 45,000–49,999 1 50,000–54,999 1 55,000–59,999 0 60,000 3 75,000 2 100,000 1 100,000 3 Comments N=6 3% (approx.) Many: distributed among facilities Not available Not available the library has many branches across two campuses and outreach activities are not coordinated centrally. Our library does not have a coordinated outreach program, nor a single shared definition for what constitutes outreach, nor a single budget line to support all outreach activities, promotional materials, and event support. It would be difficult to track or estimate this figure. Outreach activities that are not specific calendar events annually hosted by our outreach group and promotional materials are funded through different departments.
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