27 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement 8. Does your library have a defined budget line for outreach activities? N=57 Yes 16 28% No 41 72% If yes, who is responsible for managing the budget for outreach activities? N=16 Other library administrator 6 38% Librarian 2 13% Non-librarian staff 2 13% Library dean/director 1 6% Department head 1 6% Other individual 4 25% Please specify the other individual. N=4 Some portions of the budget used for outreach are managed by the special collections department or a committee focused on engagement with campus. The libraries’ business administrator oversees the budget for outreach as a whole. Strategic communications manager with chief librarian The Student Engagement Committee co-chairs in collaboration with committee sponsor and the library’s financial administrator. There are several budgets from which these monies derive and they are managed by the dean, the senior associate dean, and the director of marketing and communications. Additionally, each branch chair has discretionary funds that can be used for outreach activities. Answered No N=7 All monetary requests go to our senior leadership team. We also will tag certain items in our annual budget planning process to the university. Dean with help of Libraries’ budget director Department heads, orientation chairs, the dean, librarians: it’s a collective effort. Friends of the Libraries coordinator Managing the budget is often a joint activity, depending upon the event and its complexity. While the initial budget is set by the librarian or curator responsible for the program, it is vetted by the person’s manager, and, for our major exhibits, coordinated with our dean, budget officer, and finance department. Outreach programs can be suggested by any member of our faculty and staff. They will work with the program director of outreach & engagement to finalize a proposal, which must be approved by the library director. The management of budgets related to outreach is distributed at the department level but there are also certain programs that have specific budgets and are treated more as being managed by the committee.
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