36 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses closely with Purdue instructors to help them redesign courses following evidence-based educational practices. In addition to helping instructors adopt a student-centered approach to their courses, team members from the Libraries work with instructors to uncover how students use information to learn within the course. Approaching courses holistically, the Libraries team members work with instructors to develop informed learning solutions to allow students to engage with information in sophisticated and purposeful ways. University strategic initiatives: Undergraduate Student Success. To be the university of choice for aspiring undergraduate students, within the commonwealth and beyond, seeking a transformational education that promotes self-discovery, experiential learning, and life-long achievement. Diversity and Inclusivity: Enhance the diversity and inclusivity of our university community through recruitment, promotion, and retention of an increasingly diverse population of faculty, administrators, staff, and students, and by implementing initiatives that provide rich diversity-related experiences for all, to help ensure their success in an interconnected world. Community Engagement: Leverage leading-edge technology, scholarship, and research in innovative ways to advance the public good and to foster the development of citizen-scholars. We are the state’s land grant institution so have a broad mission of serving the citizens. We align with broad university-wide mission statements, strategic plans, president’s statements. We have established program partnerships with the Division of Undergraduate Education based on institutional priorities. We have a Transfer Student Center located inside the library and are about to open a Teaching & Learning Center. We will close the gap between intentions and outcomes to connect individuals from widely diverse backgrounds and life experiences to a truly inclusive community. PLANNING OUTREACH ACTIVITIES 14. Which of the following best describes the timeline on which your library determines its outreach activities? N=57 On an annual basis 21 37% One semester at a time 8 14% One event at a time 6 11% One month at a time 0 Other timeline 22 39% Please briefly describe the other timeline. N=22 All of the above, depending on the scope of the activity or program. Annual planning, however, other items are added as opportunities arise. Certain events are determined on an annual or semester basis. Others are determined one event at a time. Much of that is up to individual librarians and departments. Decentralized efforts. Some planned annually, others one semester at a time. Depends on unit planning. Could be all or any of the above. Different timelines depending on the activity. Each unit within the library may have its own timeline.
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