38 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses For some activities N=36 Any event that requires additional funds. Any events that require central resources such as graphic design, advertising, or other funding require approval of the dean of the libraries. Any project or outreach that would utilize a considerable amount of library resources (either in terms of funding, supplies, or personnel) is usually run through an individual’s department head or associate dean. Larger, extensive projects get run past the dean. Anything requiring a budget. For instance, print materials for outreach programs. Anything requiring funding. Approval is needed for all exhibits and for program-level outreach (not every activity). Approval processes for programs vary widely across the institution. Ultimately, the director of the facility is responsible, although they may delegate decision-making authority as appropriate. Department chairs approve individual events within their departments. Department heads or the university librarian usually approve events that will require significant funding or resources, or that may have a high impact socially or politically. Event approval is tied to funding approval. Associate deans are responsible for approving funding for events in consultation with the dean. Department/unit heads, and individuals may approve activities in consultation with ADs. Events for external audiences, new events requiring new sources of funding. Events that need funding or substantial staff or other types of resources. For a consistent approach we would like to keep all activities coordinated and accounted for. We ask that if there are activities that require funding, then there must be approval from the director of learner support and engagement services. For large-scale activities that will require the disruption of regular library activities due to space use (such as our Open House), we typically inform library administration of our plan. This process looks less like approval and more like feedback and discussion. Funding for food and giveaways requests for advertising. If financial commitment is involved. If outreach activities involve library staff from a variety of departments, or library funding, then approval or communication about the event with department supervisors should occur. If special funding is being requested, library administration approves. Individual outreach activities by a liaison librarian that requires funding will need approval from a library administrator. But usual annual outreach activities like fall semester “RATS Night” for freshman event where we welcome new students or during finals the “therapy dogs de-stress” event does not. Information about renovation activities, and new services. Large-scale activities with significant funding needs. Activities that require access to special mailing lists (e.g., donor lists). Major public events need approval from library director, as well as an outside campus and community relations team, if we expect their support in any capacity. For things like tours or show and tells, approval comes from the department head or the outreach librarian.
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