138 Representative Documents: Event Planning JOHNS HOPKINS UNIVERSITY LIBRARIES Proposal for Freshman Library Orientation 2018 This campaign is part of the Sheridan Libraries Academic Liaisons marketing campaign. 4 Freshman Library Orientation Budget Jen Ditkoff will reach out to our various vendors to request free swag for students. Jen has successfully accomplished this in the past, and MSEL has a good reputation with its vendors, so we expect to a positive response. Best scenario would be tee shirts, cups, lanyards, bookmarks, buttons, etc. Table Runner $ 125 Bon Appetit table cloth $ 24 (pair) All-in-one touch screen $ 329 Swag Phone silicone wallet 240 @ $0.80 or Phone Popsockets 240 @ $1.50 Friends of the Library 240 cotton bags Already purchased Blue Jay stickers 4,000 $ 1,500* Micro Sticky Book: 240 @ $1.00 $ 240 Library Vendor Swag Free 3.3x4” Cup Sleeve Avery labels 150 x 4 @ $12.99 $ 52 Mini Size Candy Bars $ 22 Total $ 2,492* *Per Shellie, Friends of the Library is willing to subsidize some of the cost on the Blue Jay stickers. Therefore, the final amount RSC Department would pay is TBD. Remaining swag will be used for year round events and workshops. Retrospective Summary Report This campaign should be followed up with a retrospective report to measure the effectiveness of the campaign. See appendix.
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