113 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA BARBARA LIBRARY Outreach Alignment with Strategic Roadmap Outreach Alignment with Strategic Roadmap Research & Learning Resources Explore with faculty new strategies to provide necessary scholarly information to support the campusʼ research and teaching missions. Existing support: Promoting library resources through publications/events/exhibits Providing forums like the Faculty Reception for connecting subject librarians and faculty Providing communications & outreach support to the Scholarly Communication & Data Curation Programs New support: ? Increase visibility of the Libraryʼs distinctive collections and their value for enhancing research and learning outcomes. Existing support: Exhibitions Book displays Publications New support: Exhibitions are not the "end" of promoting a collection. Continue to promote the collection beyond the exhibition. Meet every once in a while with Collman or disciplinary collections groups (HUMA, etc.) to solicit ideas for promotion of collections More "featured collections" columns in our publications, eg. Surfer magazine Align information resources with the strengths of the UCSB campus and its commitment to interdisciplinary research and learning. N/A Facilitate the discovery and use of data and information created and published by UCSB researchers and scholars. Existing support: Local faculty notes in Library Catalog - continue to encourage and fill in gaps Faculty book displays Pacific Views series New support: Regular promotion of e-Scholarship Faculty authors event Regular promotion of faculty new publications (books and articles) through website, publications, digital signs or physical display Discovery & Delivery Services Develop programs and contribute to collaborative programs that foster student success. Existing support: Transfer Student Center and related Library programming Student Success Librarian outreach Museum interns Learning Commons Promotion of Collaboratory New support: Drop-in workshops (eg. Zotero) for graduate students Undergraduate research award Library collaboration with Undergraduate Slam Reads essay contest Interview students about use of collections and their research for features in Library publications Promote services that offer personalized discovery, collaboration, accessibility, and timely availability of scholarly information. Existing support: N/A New support: Continue to promote remote access to databases Enhance user competence and confidence in the evaluation and use of information through instructional design and relevant technologies. Existing support: Transfer Student specific instruction FSSP, STEP/EOP, and other Student Success Librarian-initiated instruction New support:
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