11 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement a consistent and unified approach to outreach. Clearly, there are many librarians and library staff who are devoting time and financial resources to outreach activities. However, more often than not, outreach was seen as a series of disassociated events with no clear overarching goals or programmatic oversight. Furthermore, developing methods to assess the impact of outreach activities is still an evolving practice that deserves continued conversations among outreach librarians. Constraints including timing, lack of a defined budget, resources, and staffing often make strategically planning for an intentional outreach program problematic. It is our hope that this SPEC Kit offers some insight, but also inspires libraries to take a closer look at their own activities and consider how they can craft intentional outreach programs that align with their mission, allocate resources to match their goals, and assess the impact of their activities to tell the story of their library’s value.
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