66 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses Yes, over the past three years our Libraries have continued to identify (and strengthen) new stakeholders. These include: Schreyer Honors College, Multicultural Resource Center Student Engagement Network Veterans Residence Life Special Living Options Fellowships Office Liberal Arts Advisors. 27. Please briefly describe how the library identifies and selects strategic partners for outreach. N=47 Actively seeks out opportunities and funding. Align with strategic goals. Collaborators bring us in on new projects or areas of focus because of existing relationships. We identify emerging opportunities. Aligns with the university’s mission and vision. Collaborate on any new initiatives in alignment with the Libraries strategic plan. Campus agencies that serve populations that the library serves or has an interest in serving. Can working with the partner help us improve student academic success? Can working with the partner help us improve student success after graduation? Can working with the partner help us improve faculty research? Can working with the partner help us improve faculty teaching? Common goals and topics, other partner activities, and requests for partnerships Common target audience, shared or related resources Depending on our strategy and current opportunities, we meet potential partners to discuss and factor in staff availability. Driven by programming and user needs. During our initial planning stage, we did a listening tour by meeting with potential partners on and off campus. The goal was to find outreach programs that aligned with our strategic intent that we could support and enhance. Each location will have its own process, but generally speaking, we will identify partners and projects that align with our mission. Five years ago, we created a student engagement position to identify opportunities to partner outside the curriculum. We focused initially on our core strategic partners in academic advising and have since expanded to first-year experience and the writing center. We also look for partners outside the university, particularly as it relates to our exhibitions program. For bigger partnerships, this happens in conversations and planning between the university librarian and the executive vice chancellor or another dean. Identify target populations we are trying to reach. Identify the impact of the library and partner to support student learning and success. Institutional priorities, interest on part of the other campus unit, opportunities that arise, awareness of special challenge or issue related to student success or learning. Liaison librarians identify a new partner. Libraries’ personnel identify and select partners for outreach based on the event type, topic, subject, or audience and/or desired outcome (e.g., to reach students). Library or partner suggests collaboration. Successful events are repeated. Library strategic plan goals guide the search for and solicitation of new partners. Matching the strategic directions of the library and our campus partners.
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