77 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement workshops to Libraries’ faculty and staff. The Libraries head of assessment provides resources and consultation across the Libraries. Individuals self select for training. This continues to be a challenge for us. Information literacy librarian is conducting training on embedding outreach and assessment activities in planning for those activities. Librarians and managers have personal professional development funds (collective agreement). We can also ask for central library funds. Staff members can ask managers for central library funds for professional development. Library will also pay for webinars, etc. that all staff can participate in. Library Assessment Conference, marketing webinars, workshops, etc. National assessment conferences, regional/national conferences for liaison librarians Not known at this time, as we are operating under an interim dean, who is also serving as the dean of another college. One staff member attends the annual Library Assessment Conference. Individuals based on specific areas of interest in programmatic assessment. By project (participation in the coding of chat transcripts, LibQUAL+ comments, qualitative interviewing techniques through participation in research projects) Professional development funds are available per individual roles and job descriptions. Webinar training options are very available. The Brown School library also has funds for professional development. For the Brown School library, time to attend sessions on campus, as well as off campus, is strongly supported. Professional development funds for conferences, workshops Registration and travel to the Library Assessment Conference Social media training (one conference per year), mental health training, video creation training, free webinars on outreach, emotional intelligence, or topics regarding strategic plan Staff can submit requests to participate in professional development opportunities, which are subject to supervisory approval. Staff may attend conferences or online discussions where assessment of engagement is discussed. All librarians have funds for professional development. Storytelling for the digital landscape, media training, DIY video production The assessment is done at the AUL for research & learning level. The libraries provide and fund professional development or training, including on assessment and outreach, based on the interest of the librarian or staff member doing the training, and need for the skill. There is no in-house training offered. If webinars come up, then staff will attend as a group and it will be funded by the department director. Travel and training funds are available for external conferences. There are also several internal groups who meet and discuss outreach initiatives. Travel money to attend (and present at) conferences University-based programs and opportunities We encourage staff to attend the Library Assessment Conference and provide financial support to do so. We have an assessment and user experience department with staff who can advise and train on strategies for assessment. They can partner with groups to design assessments. We have one assigned assessment librarian who has received professional development training.
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