56 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses If yes, please briefly describe how outreach activities are reflected and evaluated in performance standards. N=40 Activities are reflected and evaluated in individuals’ performance reviews, as well as through assessing impact of outreach activities (e.g., through informal surveys, anecdotal evidence, online evaluation forms, etc.) All positions are expected to participate as part of the professional performance criteria and under the criteria for collegiality. As part of the outreach librarian’s performance plan, as well as individual branch librarians As per job title and description Department and university community service Dependent on position. Faculty report outreach activities as part of annual evaluations when relevant. For employees with formal outreach responsibilities, goals related to outreach are identified at the beginning of the year and evaluated mid-year and at end-of-year. For faculty, outreach is an expectation of service. For non-librarian staff, it is a core value. For faculty: When outreach is job-related, the activities are rated as part of performance evaluation. In other cases, activities are evaluated as services activities. For staff: activities are considered as part of performance and are reflected in evaluations in evaluative categories such as teamwork, flexibility, etc. For library staff with outreach responsibilities, outreach program goals are part of the critical job elements that make up employee performance standards. For our outreach coordinator, she sets yearly goals for specific outreach work and at the end of the year, she evaluates if she has met those goals for outreach. For roles where outreach is a job duty, it is incorporated directly into performance standards. This includes liaison and special collections roles. When outreach is not a job duty, it would be seen as a positive, assuming job performance is strong. For the people who have outreach activities in their position descriptions, yes, they are evaluated on their outreach performance. For those who have outreach as part of specified responsibilities. If it is part of their position description. In general, in promotion and tenure applications and administrative annual reviews In our annual reviews In performance reviews, especially for liaison librarians, outreach is considered in both performance and goal setting. Included as part of annual performance appraisal process. Included as part of the service category for librarians. For staff, it is not generally evaluated since these are largely volunteer activities. Included in individual performance appraisals. Individuals are evaluated based in part on their primary assignments, so when outreach is written into those primary assignments, they are evaluated specifically on those outreach activities. Outreach activities can also be evaluated in sections detailing service to the library, the university, and the profession.
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