143 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement UNIVERSITY OF NEBRASKA-LINCOLN LIBRARIES Event Checklist Planning Speaker: Confirm date Confirm topic/title_______________________________ Confirm honorarium__________________________ Paragraph/Synopsis of presentation for publicity Headshot for Publicity Speaker biography Videographer needed Permission to Video-tape signed Handouts Books to Sell______________________________________________________________ Photography: Photographer needed/Photo Releases Alcohol: Alcohol request (must be completed 6 weeks before event) Notify UNLPD (via EMS) Large Events (over 100 participants expected) Notify UNLPD Program with Dignitaries: Remarks by: _______________________________________ Written by:________________________________________ Entertainment booked ______________________________ Invitations Number of Print Invitations ! Mail by Date_______ ! Design & Text: _________________________ Email invitations needed? RSVP’s
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