33 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement customers: individuals, organizations, and other Federal agencies. We build long-term and strategic customer relationships to ensure our services are valued by our customers and we work together to improve overall efficiency and effectiveness.” As part of our Eyes High Strategy for the university there are foundational commitments and within in these three commitments there are some elements of outreach either internally or externally. One of the three commitments is “Integrate the university with the community.” Be a leader among public universities in enrollment of talented low- and moderate-income students. Broadly, the activities support the student experience and student wellness goals of the university. Community engagement. Increase diversity and inclusion across campus. Support areas of focus for the university, including data science and entrepreneurship. Partner with campus departments engaged in supporting student success, i.e., academic integrity, writing and research support, academic technology. Provide expertise and digital tools to support integrative scholarship in the humanities. Provide targeted outreach and support for health science and medicine programs/innovative medical education. Provide innovative lab and classroom space for the creation and dissemination of digital scholarship. Community service and engagement are institutional priorities. Diversity Equity, Inclusion, and Diversity Initiative Example 1: From the university mission statement: 4. Serve society through coordinated statewide outreach programs that meet continuing educational needs in accordance with the university’s designated land-grant status. 5. Participate extensively in statewide, national, and international programs and encourage others in the university system, at other educational institutions and in state, national, and international organizations to seek benefit from the university’s unique educational resources, such as faculty and staff expertise, libraries, archives, museums, and research facilities. Example 2: Finding Yourself in STEM: Staff from the Science and Engineering Libraries partnered with STEM Diversity Network and WISCIENCES Integrated Mentoring Program and Core Training (IMPaCT) to develop a program to help students from underrepresented groups to find their place in STEM. Example: Internationalization: Provide library sessions to international students participate as partner in International Week allow international campus and community groups to book library space for events, etc. From the university mission statement: It expects all areas of the university to advance knowledge and learning at the highest level and to convey the products of its efforts to the world. Our Scholarly Communication outreach program focuses, in part, on advancing knowledge through dissemination in our IR and helping scholars amplify their research through social media and other visible channels. From university strategic plan, the following three (of five) goals: enhance student success, foster interdisciplinarity to address society’s grand challenges, engage in strategic partnerships. Goal 2 of the Strategic Plan for 2017–2027 is “Reach more people in more ways through enhanced dissemination and engagement.” Goal 3 of strategic plan: Broaden access to and promote use of collections for new and diverse audiences using a variety of methods and tools. Strategic Initiative: 3.1 Develop and engage new audiences through social media, exhibitions, and communications that focus on our unique role. Goals support the university’s focus on undergraduate student retention and achievement goals additionally, to support diversity and international efforts, collections are managed on that basis. Services focus on serving students’ needs such as physical and visual impairments (ADA facilities),
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