95 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement as creative ways to participate if one doesn’t have access to an oven or encourage students with dietary restrictions to contribute edible books that are vegan or gluten-free. We consider the increased number of entries each year a success. We also have anecdotal evidence of its impact on student life we have had students who have told us that they started planning their entries as soon as they received their acceptance to Hopkins, since they remembered it being mentioned on their tour. Case Study 28 Screening of select portions from three documentaries: Copyright Criminals, Something for Nothing: The Art of Rap, and Hip Hop: Beyond Hits and Rhymes along with a panel discussion. Panelists included faculty/staff from the Africana Studies Department, Music Department and Hip Hop artist, PMD, an east coast rapper from Smithtown, Long Island. The event provides insight into the history of this American music genre. It also examines the culture and artistry of Hip Hop music. Associate deans Budget was $0.00. Event organizer: Communications and outreach working group equity, inclusion, and diversity working group, and development Social media, library website, digital signage, university calendar, campus announcements, posters, and university broadcast email. Africana Studies Department, Music Department, Hip Hop artist, Parrish Smith: They were selected by their specialties and their affiliation with the theme of the event. Headcount, feedback, and registration information Turnout, engagement during the event, and feedback after the event Case Study 29 Staff participate in Campus Expo for first-year, incoming undergraduate students. Goal is to engage with the students at a booth but outside and with a focus on fun, hands-on activities. Goal is set by the orientation unit on campus. Our booth always has activities like library collections-based trivia, hand outs, snacks, and one piece of marketing swag (like a library bag) for students to take with them. Approval is a given for this event as it is a standard outreach for all campus partners. Budget has to be approved by director of learner support and engagement services. Roughly costs $1000. Planning falls to librarian and support staff to brainstorm activities, update them yearly, and ensure they fall in line with orientation unit’s goals. As it is a large event, evaluation can be done through a count of conversations with students and numbers that attended to partake in the activity. Always promoted through campus orientation unit. Digital screens in our library usually promote event, as well. All campus partners participate. Student Success, Sustainability, Writing Centre, Wellness, etc. Assessment is done informally through conversations, generally. There is no specific methodology. Shear numbers tell us students stop in to take handouts, engage in the activity. The booth is so busy it takes multiple staff members to host it and to answer questions about the library. There are no assessment reports. Case Study 30 The Big Orange STEM Saturday is approaching its 8th year and continues to reinforce student transition from high school to college from year to year. BOSS contributes to the University of Tennessee’s
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