62 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses If you indicated above that your library collaborates with an “Other partner(s)” in outreach activities, please specify the partner. N=27 Never We participate in an “Exam Stressbusters” event that includes the following partners: College of Business, Ontario Veterinary College and OVC Pet Trust, St John’s Ambulance, Jack.org, Central Students Association, Wellness Services, Student Nutritional Awareness Program, Hospitality. 2X Equal Opportunity Program (EOP), Dream Scholars/Undocumented Student Services, Freshman Summer Start and Summer Transitional Enrichment (bridge) programs, Transfer Student Center, Student Government (undergraduate & graduate). We are also just getting ready to open a new Center for Teaching & Learning in the library in partnership with the Division of Undergraduate Education. Honors College 3X Information Technology Services, New York State Writer’s Institute Other professional and cultural area institutions Public library system Rutgers University Student Assembly (RUSA)—student association: New Jersey Public Interest Research Group (NJPIRG)—student activist group University Career Services Accessibility Office 4X Academic departments and athletics Alumni office Bell Museum, University Honors Program, individual colleges, Loft Literary Center, Alumni Association 5X Academic programs and departments on campus (most often), staff council, student clubs, art museum on campus, centers associated with specific schools on campus External organizations 6X or more Academic technology/central IT, dean of the college, dean of sophomores, dean of juniors, dean of seniors Alumni Association, Lifelong learning, Wake County Public Library, Academic and Student Affairs, corporate partners Athletics, Campus Wellness, Federation of Students, Student Success Office, Academic Integrity Office, Centre for Career Action & Cooperative Education Cinema St. Louis
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