93 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement Case Study 23 Open house for first year students and families introduce library services, resources, and spaces in an engaging way library-wide open house for three hours on a Saturday during New Student Orientation Our UL (dean) approved, $3,000 for promotional materials. Planning was done at the high level by events coordinator and our communications and marketing coordinator every department was involved in planning an engaging activity for their area and staffing the event Library assessment gathered feedback on iPads as people left the event. Part of the NSO schedule on the event app and in the student and parent electronic newsletter All library department staff, plus Writing Center external, NSO staff Exit questionnaire to assess satisfaction, interest in various activities, general level of knowledge gained about resources, spaces, services High level of attendance (ran out of materials and felt overwhelmed by the quantity of visitors) vast majority of respondents said that they “learned something” or “learned a lot” at every station that they visited the majority of comments were positive (3:1 positive to neutral/negative). Case Study 24 Our patent librarian hosted ten IP (intellectual property) seminars during 2017–2018 academic year. These seminars were around lunchtime (lunch usually provided) and featured an invited speaker or a panel of speakers. A few of the topics, “Copyright 101,” “Trademark for Business,” “Patent Claims Workshop,” “Patent Ceiling at Georgia Tech Research Corporation,” “Patent Infringement Litigation.” The AD for research & learning services. The patent librarian applied for a small, internal university grant to pay for the lunches. The patent librarian did most of the planning and evaluation. She was assisted by two other librarians for staffing and implementation. Through social media, the library’s monthly newsletter, various IP units on campus, word of mouth The speakers for the seminars included faculty, patent attorneys, USPTO patent examiners, director of Georgia Tech Manufacturing Institute, director of Technology Licensing at Georgia Tech. Assessment data included the number of attendees, demographics (student, faculty, or public), and any comments made by attendees. Attendees were also asked to rank each seminar from 1–10. Very favorable feedback from seminar attendees about how much they learned and how they were looking forward to attending the next seminar. The attendees ranked the seminars a 9 out of a possible 10. Case Study 25 Our public program series, Beyond the Page, gets people to the library, encourages idea sharing across the campus and community populations. Dean approves budget $45,000 Library outreach & communications coordinator, administrative specialists, editor, designer Social media, website, digital signage around campus, targeted email to instructors We collaborate with many campus partners from institutional schools and colleges to Office of Sustainability, as well as subject specialists within the library. Survey (paper), headcount, compiled comments
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