151 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO LIBRARY Draft: Event Planning for Therapy Dogs Draft: Event Planning for Therapy Dogs Event Overview: Registered volunteers from St. John’s Ambulance with their certified therapy dogs will visit the Library to help ease student stress and encourage wellness in the Library. This program has been approved by LibExec, Campus Police, the Secretariat, the Safety Office, and PlantOps. The Student Engagement Committee plans on doing this event each semester during midterms. This time has been selected to prevent overlap with campus partners running similar events. The Sims Reading Room on the third floor of Porter has been selected as the event location. This is because the enclosed space contains the dogs for those who have allergens or phobias. This containment also helps with crowd management and for PlantOps’ cleanup. SJA dogs can only stay for an hour to ensure that the dogs are not overwhelmed, and can only see 5 or 6 students at a time. Multiple dogs will ensure that the maximum number of students can visit. The Library cannot make a donation to a charity, we can only pay invoices. To ensure St. John’s Ambulance receive a donation for their time, please request for the SJA coordinator to invoice the Library for an amount decided upon with the committee co-chairs. Event Preparation: -Determine when midterms will be taking place in the semester, and pick a date and time for the event. (St. John's Ambulance volunteers have better availability after 4:00pm.) -Check the University Calendar of events to ensure it does not overlap with major campus events (For example, limited parking during convocation). -Contact SJA for the event request. The SJA coordinator's name is Andy, and can be reach via email at _________. -Contact LibExec requesting the use of the Sims Reading Room on the specific dates and times. -Andy will confirm 1 week from the event the number of volunteers and their names. -Contact ____________ to begin Social Media promotion. -Contact ______________for website and digital signage promotion.
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