145 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement STONY BROOK UNIVERSITY, SUNY, LIBRARIES 2018–2019 Event Policies & Guidelines Event organizers must provide a brief event description with each proposal they wish to have submitted to the University Calendar and Campus Announcements. This must be completed through the event proposal form. Recurring events (e.g. series with more than one date) require separate submissions to the Event Proposal Form. Please do not submit them as one event through the form as each date needs to be reviewed individually. The purpose of all blog posts is to showcase our expertise and to promote the Library's engagement with the SBU community. The event organizer must write one blog post following the conclusion of the event however, it will be at the discretion of the event organizer to write one blog post prior to the event. All approved supplies must be purchased through Wolfmart with budgetary approval from the ADs. Personal reimbursement for purchase of any supplies will not be approved. Promotional materials (digital signage, web banners, social media campaigns) are created and designed by the Libraries’ graphic designers unless otherwise specified . The event organizer is responsible for all set-up before and breakdown after event. Please ask for volunteers. All volunteers must secure approval from their supervisors. It is the responsibility of the event organizer to take attendance and submit to the COWG chair following each event. An event attendance sheet will be provided to all event organizers. Updated 6/13/18
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