96 Survey Results: Survey Questions and Responses campus-wide outreach mission and has been instrumental in developing academic relationships with local Knoxville and surrounding county schools. Each annual BOSS program is designed to increase the STEM learning experience of the participants, continue to develop new community and campus partnerships, and prepare a strong college-level information literacy foundation for high school students. The concept for the event was approved by library leadership. A committee of librarians, staff, community partners, campus partners, program attendees, and participating volunteers are involved in evaluation of the event. The event was advertised and/or promoted by our library marketing department. Librarians and The Center for Enhancing Education in Math and Science (CEEMS). The College Access and Persistence Services (CAPS) Outreach Center and university upward bound program. They were selected based on their work with the K-12 schools. We used an IRB-approved survey instrument. We knew the activity was successful from our assessment feedback, new partnerships, ongoing funding, and opportunities for publishing and national presentations. Case Study 31 The Conversation Project at the University of Miami: The faculty conversation project was implemented as a pilot in fall 2015 as a way for us (librarians) to meaningfully connect with University of Miami faculty. The goals were to engage faculty in conversation about their research and teaching and to facilitate collaboration and interdisciplinary research partnerships. Multiple conversations were held between UM liaison librarians and their faculty. Four open-ended questions were chosen to spark dialogue and for both departments to learn more about each other, our work, and how to collaborate better. The initiative has been implemented since then, and it’s now part of our outreach & engagement strategic plan. These were individual meetings held between library liaisons and faculty there was no budget. Dr. Martin A. Tsang, Cuban Heritage Collection Librarian and Curator of Latin American Collections Martin Tsang gave presentations to the library at several internal events he also presented the findings and process at the ALA in Chicago, 2017, “Talking so Faculty will Listen, Listening so Faculty will Talk: Engagement Strategies for Library Liaisons.” Guest speaker for the Association of Research Libraries sponsored panel at the American Library Association Conference, Chicago. June 26. Following the success of The Conversation Project, Martin Tsang partnered with ASERL Library Liaison Institute and helped organized the ASERL Library Liaison Institute conference held in Atlanta 27–28 April 2018. Project results analysis: AntConc 3.4.4 for Word frequency and concordances was implemented as a way to identify common themes discussed. Assessment activity: Feedback and experiences data in conducting these conversations was gathered and analyzed. The initiative has been implemented in our library outreach & engagement strategic plan. Martin Tsang work has been written up in several places. Case Study 32 The event was to launch and promote UBC’s Seed Lending Library, which allows anyone to “borrow” seeds free of charge and provides opportunities to learn about gardening, seed saving, and agricultural research and teaching at UBC. The timing coincided with Earth Day, and the event was held at an on-
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