153 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement UNIVERSITY OF WATERLOO LIBRARY Draft: Event Planning for Therapy Dogs -Move furniture as needed. -Let the volunteer and dog acclimate to the space and they will let you know when to begin. -Have a committee member stand by the door to count off the groups of students that are allowed in at a time. This member will also encourage students leaving to sign the thank you card. -Have a committee member inside the room with a timer. This member should give the group a 1 minute warning at the end of their session. -A committee member should wait at the end of the line to hand out numbers, and if needed turn away extra patrons we don’t have space for. -At the conclusion of the event, help the volunteer leave, remove signage, and reset the furniture, then set aside the queue line for facilities to pick up. Event Follow Up: -Ensure that SJA sends an invoice to the Library. -While the event is recent, have an after action meeting with all committee members who helped plan and run the event. -Cover what went well, what could be improved, what should be stopped. This helps the event evolve and improve. Pass this information along to the group planning the next session.
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