51 SPEC Kit 361: Outreach and Engagement Recruitment for staffing library outreach events often includes a call for volunteers (by the planning committee or individual responsible for coordinating the event) via the library listserv. This call usually includes a note on obtaining supervisor approval prior to volunteering. Recruitment is done via a library-wide email. Staff are encouraged to ask their supervisor for the time to devote to the event. Since outreach has become so ingrained in our work flow there is very little opposition to staff taking the time to participate and it is often viewed as a reward and exciting opportunity to take part in these types of activities. Recruitment is usually done by sending out an email call for volunteers. There is general support for this kind of activity most supervisors would not discourage participation unless there is a problem with the employee’s general performance. The dean will send an email encouraging participation if necessary this also signals support of a particular activity to supervisors. Requests for volunteers are often sent through a weekly internal newsletter, and sometimes by informal email from the planning group. Requests may target individuals with expertise in specific areas. Send email to all managers letting them know about the request for volunteers and then send email to all staff asking for volunteers (and for them to check with their managers). At this point, staffing for almost all events is voluntary by staff. In the new organizational structure there will be two staff who will be assigned outreach duties. We will still need to recruit volunteers. Solicit staff volunteers by email, and within the email always state, “Please clear your attendance at this event with your supervisor.” Solicitation of staff participation in outreach events is largely via email. Staff members from across the library have always been encouraged to participate supervisor approval is managed at the department level. The branch and unit chairs will coordinate needs. The major events committee is nominated by the library directors. We review the membership regularly to ensure supervisor support and approval. We meet regularly and assign tasks out of these meetings. Major new projects have work plans that are shared with supervisors and management group. The outreach group keeps a list of Library Ambassadors. We send a group email to that list asking for volunteers when needed. Individual librarians and staff conducting other outreach activities recruit as they see fit. Individuals work with their supervisors for support and approval. This process can vary. Supervisors are ultimately responsible for staffing decisions, including assigning responsibilities to staff. To generate support and volunteers, event planners will approach the library’s management team and ask team heads to assign/call for volunteers. Traditionally, we use library-wide emails soliciting volunteers from within the organization, and this messaging always carries with it that they should check with their supervisor as appropriate. Usually a call is put out via email. Employees are instructed to check with their supervisors prior to volunteering. Volunteer basis that requires supervisor approval. Volunteers self select. An all-staff e-mail is sent out recruiting volunteers, often using Sign Up Genius software. Volunteers are expected to receive approval from their supervisors for time spent. This is usually not a problem.
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